Front of House


Our Interaction Design semester-long project was to design a mobile application. My group decided on an application to help give audio engineers and live audio technicians a convenient way to manage their sound throughout a venue. The app would essentially be a pocket soundboard.

After discussing the idea with audio engineers, we began designing the user interface to be accessed through a mobile device like an iPhone. The user would be able to easily navigate through the room in a crowd and find certain areas where the sound needs to be altered. The user interface allows for technicians to increase and decrease levels, control monitors and mains, as well as other features. The minimalistic design and touch specific operations allow technicians to control sound quickly and precisely.


During our design process, we made some changes and additions to provide a more comprehensible and simple user experience. The user would be able to easily get to the two side menus by swiping to either side. Also, we decided to add a sharing feature so that any defined values could be saved and shared with fellow audio engineers that had the same app. This feature led to us creating a log-in screen, as well. Creating an identity on the app would allow users the sharing feature be more clear by being able to identify friends.

My partner designed a site to promote the fictional app, which included images, screen shots and this video showing the app’s potential. Using illustrator to create icons, and photoshop to animated them, I was then able to create a video to play on my iPhone so as to give the app a realistic look. I filmed its usage and edited it into the attached video.

Allowing the user to easily make adjustments to the board was also very important. Live shows have limited time and the sound engineers need to have instant access to their soundboard even when they are moving around.