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Our beloved Darby was transported to Texas A&M Veterinary College on Sunday, October 19 for emergency surgery after an ultrasound revealed his gallbladder was soon to burst. He had been showing signs on and off that were concerning and we addressed every single one. Our doctors at Hillside Veterinary Clinic in Dallas insisted we act immediately, and so to College Station he and I went. We had been hoping he would recover and come home to us, but he did not. I cannot thank the team at Texas A&M enough for the diligence and compassion that they showed our loved one and ourselves. I will share the story soon, but for now we are mourning.

With our grief comes expense, which I will never regret incurring. We did everything we could, as did the staff, but his body could not keep up with his determination. He passed in my arms quietly and without pain.

With the holidays approaching, I want to extend any extra time I have to mini sessions. These can be a casual session with your family, best friend, a special event, etc. Whether at your home or favorite location, I am flexible. Available around DFW, but if in Houston or surrounding cities, I may travel for the holidays and weekends so these are on the table as well.

Contact me at for dates or inquiries.

I’ll have this offer available from now until the Great American Eclipse of 2017.



Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 4.24.31 PMAs a frequent poster to Instagram and the occasional status update to my personal Facebook page, our friends and family were in the loop of what would be Darby’s last days.

I had just posted the above graphic in attempt to jump start our attempt at knocking out the medical bills that were already coming in, when his doctor called me to let me know about his prognosis. As my husband and I met at home to drive down to College Station, I received a Facebook message from our friend Erin.

Aside from being a professor of psychology at Missouri State University,
she creates polish with her indie brand Parallax Polish
to promote research and ideas centered around science and technology.
Her collections range from Women in Science, Noble Gases,
to even a Brain Scan Collection.

Offering to make a commemorative Darby color, she is graciously
donate online proceeds to help us with this unfortunate event.
The inspiration for the polish’s color is that of Darby’s lead.
We kept the same collar and lead from when he was rescued in 2010,
and it’s fitting that he was taken care of during his last days by the
wonderful staff of Texas A&M University’s Small Animal Teaching Hospital
(and also where Erin received her Bachelors,
and her name sake from band message board days of forever ago!

Please check out her website at the link above as well as via the image.
She will be posting images of Darby all month to her
Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter., and has multiple options for ordering.
We cannot thank her enough for this incredible opportunity
to honor our Darby in such a creative way, and the help it will give us.

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